Saturday, July 9, 2011


Warning: You might not like the things you read in this post.

Have you ever wondered what exactly we are to guard ourselves from? Sure, we know that we are to steer clear of the evil things. We surely know to keep away from Satan and his workings. But, is it really that clear?

If you ask me, it’s not only the things that are obviously and inherently bad that we should watch for, but it’s the things that SEEM to be almost good that we should sprint from. I said, the things that are “almost good”, not “good”.

You see, Satan is a deceiver. He is the Master of deception. If we cease to fall for the traps of the transparently evil things he throws in our paths, then he, naturally, has to resort to another method of trickery.

These are the things that get us every day. The things that seem to be good but aren’t quite Godly. The things like, “I’m going to go a little too far with my boyfriend because I love him. So it must be good.” Things like, “I’m going to study systematic theology, but pass this homeless man on the street.” Or, “Although this music goes against what the Bible tells me, this music is great, so I’m going to listen to it.”

It’s the little things that Satan pulls us in with. And we fall for it.

It’s one little thing after another, after another, after another and before we know it, we are worse off than when we began.

Everything God created is good.

If it’s not good, then it’s not from God.

The Bible tells us to “test the spirits”. To not accept anything as immediately true even though it comes from a respectable person, seems to be a good thing, or even though we ourselves like it.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Be sure to not let someone else’s mistakes become your own.

Heed the warning of false prophets and the schemes of Satan.

Guard your heart, spirit, and mind in all that you do.

Sure, the world will tell you that everything’s okay. Your flesh will urge you to continue on in self-indulgence, but we are not of this world.

Our residence is Heaven.


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