Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing Grace

There is a girl sleeping below me who is blind. Despite her blindness she is so sweet and genuine and I can’t help but wonder how somebody can be that way. She acts as if she’s not disabled at all.

Maybe she’s not.

She knows where her treasure is. This much is evident. She is so alive and so loving that I am humbled by her lifestyle alone. The way she lives is so joyful and the question that I keep asking myself is, “What does she know that I don’t?”

Being around her this week has made me realize how much I take my eyes for granted. My eyes and my vision are taken for granted every second of every day. Even right this second.

I am in the Rocky Mountains! What if I never got to see this?! Yet, she’s just happy to be here. To be in the presence of fellow believers working for a shared cause…to make Jesus known.

She seems childlike. Pure, innocent, and gracious. Unweathered by the sin that I’ve been burned by. She’s inspiring. I don’t think I’ve come across somebody that has made me think this much in a long long time.

Luke 11:34 tells me that the eye is the lamp of the body. Jesus says that if He is present in someone’s life we can see it through their eyes. Their eyes will light up like a lamp and you can’t help but notice. Those eyes will be different than most because they’re rare in this dark world.

Jessica’s eyes aren’t what you would expect. They are hazy, murky, out of focus, and her pupils are misplaced. But in her eyes I see light. Her eyes have brought me to a place where now I can see a little bit more clearly. Her eyes have moved me.

As I spend time with her I have found myself desiring to touch someone’s life the way she has touched mine. To share some sort of quality with her so that I can feel what it’s like. As I sat there wishing these things Jesus revealed something to me.

Jessica and I do have something in common. You see, I’m blind too. My eyes aren’t what you would expect either. They seem to be healthy but they’re not. I can’t see a lot of the time. This world and it’s lies blind me. Satan robs me of my vision sometimes.

But through my eyes come a light as well. His name is Jesus.

Only through Jesus do both of us see. Only because of His truth do my stumbling feet know where to step next.

Only because of the cross Jessica and I can boldly and honestly stand up and scream, “I once was blind but now I see!”

Amazing grace has captured me.

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