Friday, June 3, 2011


I know it hurts when you break. When your heart breaks you feel helpless, alone, and confused. You no longer know what to do with yourself and you question wether you’re strong enough to go back out into the world. You wonder why this had to happen to you and sometimes you get angry about it. Sometimes you don’t even feel at all.

But still you find yourself clasping tightly to Jesus and one day you start to see the light. The mess that has become of us is something that we created. It’s our mess. It’s the result of you and I walking around as if we own this world. As if we own our own lives. We make decisions, we take risks, and we commit to things without even taking the time to speak to our Maker. To say, “Is this your will Lord?”

We so tragically make a mess of our hearts chasing all the wrong things.

Until one day, one glorious day, our hearts break. The glass walls that we set up around our idols fall to the ground. And as we lay exhausted at the feet of God we realize that He is making a mosaic of the pieces. He is putting our heart back to together piece by piece in a more perfect way than we could imagine. He puts us back to the way that He fully intended for us to be. The way He so intentionally made us to be.

And we feel freedom. We feel alive.

Now that Jesus has stepped in we once again feel whole.

The Artist has arrived. Step aside as He so gloriously creates beauty from ashes.

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