Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Growing up in a culture that sells you love, sex, and beauty we have it programmed into our heads that we must acquire all three to be considered “whole”. Through the conversations that I have been having lately I have realized that many girls, including myself, find it hard to be single when everyone else is not. It is hard to desire love and not have it. You find yourself beginning to believe that it’s because you aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, funny enough, or that you have the wrong clothes. You start to think that you are boring and eventually fall into the fatalistic thought that you aren’t worth any man’s time anyways.

We’ll we all know that it takes two to tango, correct? In this dreamy relationship that we have cooking in our brains there is somebody else involved, it’s not just us. Why do we somehow make it all about us?

Let me propose something to you.

Instead of thinking that something is wrong with you and that you’re not good enough to be loved, consider that God is working on your husbands heart. Consider that you God is preparing him for the ministry and marriage that you two will have together. Consider that God is molding him into the man He designed him to be and the man that you need him to be. After all, our husbands are to be our spiritual leaders, yes? Therefore we should desire for them to be seeking God fully before coming into our lives.

Never settle for anything less than a man who loves God more than he loves you. Never. It isn’t worth it. Wait for somebody who makes you feel alive. Wait for somebody who makes you think, “I can’t believe he chose me”.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful and you are worthy of the relationship you desire.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and allowing Satan to deceive you in his schemes, start praying for your husband and praying for yourself. Speak against those whispers and denounce them. Pray for your husband’s walk and for his heart as well. Pray for yalls lives together and pray that it will be glorifying to God.

You deserve this.

You are worthy.

You are beautiful.

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